Moths to Flame

Moths are irresistibly drawn to light even if that results in their own destruction. Like them, we seem oblivious to the danger we create for ourselves when we over-harvest the resources of this planet for our own comfort and gratification. We continue our own downward spiral to its predictable end. Trees are consistent guardians, and throughout time have been sentinels of trouble coming in the environment. When they begin to fail we know something is wrong with our world. In this series, moths are paired with the essence of fallen leaves to symbolize our continual pattern of destruction and conservation, often when we are at the edge of the precipice.

This series is created using combination of eco-prints and photo transfers:

Eco-prints are created by steaming fallen leaves under heavy weights on BFK Reves printmaking paper. The moth mages are later photo transferred onto them.

Moth Mandala 2Moth Mandala 1DescentEscape 1BuriedHiding 3Hiding 2Escape 2InsanityHolding PatternHiding 1Specimen 4Specimen 2Specimen 6Specimen 7Specimen 9Specimen 8Specimen 10Specimen 11Specimen 12Specimen 13Specimen 14Specimen 15Specimen 16Specimen 18Specimen 17Specimen 19Specimen 20Specimen 21